Who we are

Generational Wealth Partners has developed a new discipline in the financial services arena.  Unable to accept the status quo in the insurance industry, we have set out to deliver an experience unlike any other for our clients and strategic partners.  Our pursuit of intellectual honesty and our advocacy approach has set us apart.  Quite frankly, our ethics and personal philosophies prevent us from having it any other way.  Our work together is based on this foundation and has been very rewarding for us and breath of fresh air for underserved clients.

By aligning ourselves with financial professionals that are best-in-class, we have created a strong network of like-minded people who are not interested in one-off transactions, but in developing long-term relationships where money follows value.  Our primary objective is to introduce clients to the latest thinking that will help them optimize the things they can control (level of risk, fees, capital gains taxes, liquidity, etc), and transfer risk when they cannot (market risk, interest rate risk, life events, etc).

Richard Keal

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...is a Strategic Coach in the process of money and founder of Generational Wealth Partners.

With just shy of 30 years experience in financial services, Richard believes every client needs to have a clear, understandable, predictable financial foundation that is efficient, risk averse, tax favored and transferable to the next generation.

Richard collaborates with a consortium of legal and financial experts who often work in tandem to insure a client's plan is systematic, sound and sensible. He chooses to educate clients on how to prudently pick other agents, advisors and brokers, reserving quality time for those who want to do the deliberate work of designing and implementing a highly effective, self-completing plan.

During the past two decades, Richard started and managed an area agency, recruited, trained and deployed field reps, taught trading, and functioned as an investment counselor. He is a member of the ational Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, a Charitable Emissary for the National Community Foundation, and a past speaker to the Washington State Bar Association on senior care financing issues.

While representing some of the finest financial institutions in the world, Richard has not neglected a fundamental commitment to those clients that are largely underserved by the investment community.

Brian Bewley

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...is a "conceptual engineer" that has brought a whole new dimension to Generational Wealth Partners.  We say conceptual engineer in jest, but Brian is truly unique in his ability to get incredibly detailed and precise with his analysis, while not losing site of the big picture.  Bringing him on as a partner has served us well in refining the message and building the organization to more efficiently implement our principles.

He brings lifelong experiences in starting and managing small businesses and working with executives in a business development capacity.  This broad range of experiences and his liberal arts education have made Brian adept at communicating and consulting with everyone from individuals to business owners to boards of assocations.

Tim Scanlin

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...is a Business Finance Consultant that joined Generational Wealth Partners as the financial liaison for our business owner clients.  Tim continually demonstrates an uncanny ability to match our clients with strategic partners across the nation - to effectively leverage growth strategies, cost recovery, tax incentives, risk mitigation, and existing client relationships to generate new revenue streams.

If you represent a business and you're in business with Generational Wealth Partners, you deserve a free consult from Tim (contingency fee basis - pay nothing until we save you money).