Living Life™ - Banking without Banks


Living Life™ is not just a strategy, product, or financial solution, it is a philosophy.  Our world is full of gimmicks, misinformation, and marketing designed to appeal to your emotions, not your logic and reason.  Most buying decisions are based on emotion.  As a firm, we flatly refuse to accept the path of least resistance.  Our objective is to give you greater perspective of the financial world and your place in it.


We construct advanced life insurance strategies that leverage, grow, and transfer wealth, while providing the access and control needed to complement your personal and business investment and finance capital requirements.


Our team provides you with the education, tools, and guidance necessary to create a suitable contract that balances both your insurance and finance needs, and the ongoing service and support that is required to effectively manage the contract.


Our core product for LivingLife™ is a custom designed whole life insurance contract from a mutual life insurance company.  We choose carriers that are mutual because their interests are inline with that of the policyholder.  As a policyholder you are an owner in the company; effectively forming a lifelong partnership.

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