Advocate Program

Do you love what we do and want to help others realize what they've been missing?  We have created the Advocate program to work with our clients that love the changes that our services have brought to their lives, and want to go even further and become part of the team.

You have tremendous influence with your friends, family, and colleagues. Traditional marketing is very impersonal and not inline with the current trends in sales and marketing.  People simply do not trust generalized marketing.  Think about it.  When was the last time you made a purchase without first reading reviews and testimonials from satisfied, and more importantly, dissatisfied customers.  I personally find more value in bad reviews; let's me plan for the worst and hope for the best. 

An introduction is all they need to meet a new and unconventional way to think about personal and business finances with an open mind; their is no selling involved.  We simply ask that you give an honest account of your experience with us and the value you have received as a client.  Nothing more.  

We have developed our website around the concept of allowing our clients and visitors to get inside our heads as we meet these challenging times with articles and analysis demonstrating the versatility of our principled approach.

To learn more about our Advocate Program, please contact us and check the appropriate box.