Life Changes™

Learn how to Rescue your Life Insurance strategy.  Whether you have an existing Whole, Universal, or Variable Life, Generational Wealth Partners can help you maximize all of the contract values.  Our strategies are not based on a product sale, but on maximizing returns, minimizing costs of insurance, and effectively utilizing the tax advantages both seen and unseen.

Your life insurance is a critical component of your portfolio, which requires professional analysis and management. Since you last purchased life insurance, dramatic changes affecting the design, performance and medical underwriting of life insurance policies have taken place. 

Our Life Changes™ program is a thoroughly objective evaluation of your current life insurance coverage. The process is designed to determine whether your policy’s performance is in line with your goals and expectations, which often times have changed since the original purchase of the coverage. 

If we conclude that the existing coverage may not be meeting your needs or performing as expected, the next step is to determine whether more cost effective or enhanced coverage is available to you. It has been our experience that in the majority of cases, the potential for improvements is discovered and we have the opportunity to present clients with options. These may include an increase in death benefit at current premium levels, a reduction of premiums while maintaining the same coverage, or extending guaranteed coverage periods. 

A number of factors including longer life expectancies and increasingly competitive and innovative product design features have led to a transformation within the life insurance industry in recent years.  I am committed to ensuring that you have the opportunity to benefit from the most up-to-date medical underwriting and product enhancements.